Hidden Dimensions (2009)


Duration: 49’46”


Hidden Dimension is dealing with time. The images are fading between light and dark.

Once in a while people pass by on their daily routes and time slowly drags on.


Hidden Dimention

presentation ‘Hidden Dimension’ at the Slachthuislaan, Antwerp.



Hidden Dimension 16 Hidden Dimension 121


Stills Hidden Dimension




Completion & Hidden Dimension Ilke De Vries PBK

Presentation Hidden Dimension and Completion,

Prijs Beeldende Kunst Provincie Antwerpen 2013 (De Garage, Mechelen, B)















2013: Prijs Beeldende Kunst Provincie Antwerpen (De Garage, Mechelen, B)
2009: Exhibition in a matchbox, Curated by Hans Wuyts (Antwerp, Belgium)



Ilke De Vries – Omwentelingen (Upheavels)