Die Kirchweih/The Fair (2009)


Duration: 5’30”


In the experimental video ‘Die Kirchweih’ you see a storm breaking out over a fair in the Hasenheide Park in Berlin, Neukölln, that takes place there every year in May. Thunderflashes light up the night view of the field, with the fair in the back. Day images appear during the lightflashes, captured from the same point of view. Mixing day and night creates a strange atmosphere where the course of time runs differently as usual.



Die kirchweih A4 Opstelling voor close def

Presentation of ‘Die Kirchweih’ at Temporary City Berlin, Atelierkreutzhof, Germany






2009: Temporary City Berlin (Atelierhof Kreutzberg, Berlin, D)



Temporary city Berlin: one space. One structure. A set of regulations.

Christophe Van Gerrewey and Nele Tas (2010)

Download publication: temporarycitybook_66_KG