Being Human (2008)


Duration: 14’35”


Being Human is an experimental documentary about three conflicts involving six people. Confronted with the question which conflict they remember the most, they talk about the (im)possibility of communication and the human reactions to these situations: a conflict with the parents, non-communication between the storyteller and the other, and a conflict where the communication has become unbearable that the situation almost becomes violent.


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Being Human-Conflictroom

Presentation Being Human, Conflictroom, Antwerp





Presentatie Being Human Onland web

Presentation Being Human, Onland 2010, Turnhout


IMG_0299Presentation Being Human, Rebel House, Bonnefanten Roermond

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2013: Rebel House (Bonnefanten Roermond, Roermond, NL)
2010: Onbetreden Paden. Onland 2010 (Turnhout, Belgium
2009: EMAF 2009 (European Media Art Festival,Osnabrück, Germany)
2009: Being Human (Conflictroom, Antwerp, Belgium)



  • Onbetreden Paden. Onland

download pdf Onland – Ilke De Vries – Being Human

Rebel House

Palais de Tokyo aan de Roer, Metropolis M, Domeniek Ruyters, 25 februari 2013

download pdf Palais de Tokyo aan de Roer