The Alley (2003)


The Alley

Photo-video installation


In a black room or on a black wall you see two rectangular sets of photographs and a videoprojection.

On entering the space one first sees the portraits of all the inhabitants of the alley.In the middle you have all interiors

On the other sight you see a video projection of a groups portrait of people living in the alley.

This video image (7min.) is 4 times repeated with another set of monologues of the inhabitants, sprung from the question:

‘What is important for you?’


(loop of 28’)


Presentation of ‘’The Alley” Ithaka, Leuven, B






filmfragment of 2’


Presentation of ‘’The Alley” Final exhibition St-Lucas Antwerp, B




Ithaka 2003






2003: Ithaka 11 (STUK, Leuven, B)

2003: Final Exhibition (St-Lucas, Antwerpen, B)

2006: Blauwe Plekken (Antwerpen, B)