360° (2006)


Duration: 16’30”


‘360°’ is a travel around the Antwerp Theatre square as filmed from the first floors of the surrounding buildings. As a spectator you continually travel from one room to another, straight through the walls while, at all times viewing part of the interior, sometimes the presence of an inhabitant and through the windows the square. This effect was established by means of a special rail construction, present in all rooms, which moved the camera horizontally through all rooms giving the impression of moving in one straight line through all adjacent rooms and buildings without any resistance of walls.






Full Vision: https://vimeo.com/ilkedevries




360°Theaterplein copy  Presentation of 360°, Oud Doppavilioen Theaterplein, Antwerp



Presentation of 360°, Voorkamer, Lier





Presentation 360°, Sub Urban video lounge, Rotterdam





Exhibitions & Screenings

2006: A Perfect Present (oud Doppavilioen op het Theaterplein, Antwerpen, B)

2006: Posuto Santo Yoosuto! (Irregular Rhithm Asylum, Communicate Center Akta, Tokio,JP)

2007: Home is where the heart is (Voorkamer, Lier, B)

2007: EMAF 2007 (European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, D)

2007: 360° ( Sub Urban video lounge, Rotterdam, NL)

2007: Zone (Mukha media, Antwerpen, B)

2009: B-Docs presents: Architecture (Kranfilm, Brussel & Luik, B)



Ilke De Vries – Omwentelingen (Upheavals)

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Bernard Dewulf: Waar de tijd kijkt / Where time is watching


Theatrale lezing door Bernard Dewulf

2013-2017: “Kleine Dagen”