The door (2013)


Duration: 25′

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The Door offers an insight in what happens on the other side of the door (by using the split screen technique). This makes personal behaviour and needs, social relations and rules visible. The Door shows the change that happens while you go from one space into another, from one social situation to the next. Eight children and their educators from the reception center Simbahuis in Belgium were filmed and interviewed about how, in concrete and abstract ways, the door plays a role in their life.


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45 The Door Still 5



46 The Door Still 8



47 The Door Still 12


Videostills ‘The Door’





2014: Première The Door (Extra City, Antwerpen, B)

2015: ENTERfestival (Oude Badhuis, Antwerpen, B)



Download Interview Ilke De Vries – Enter Festival

Download tekst/text Alan Quireyns: Dancing Queen – Alan Quireyns



Editor: Jan Knops

Concept: Ilke De Vries, Jan Knops

Stills/Video: Ilke De Vries

Texts: Jan Knops, Alan Quireyns, Nicolina Jorissen

Design: Thomas Desmet & Benoît Vandenbroucke, UM

Printing and binding: Die Keure, Brugge

+ DVD The Door (25min)

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