Sound of movie (2003)


Duration: 10′


Sound of Movie is an extract from Brain DePalma’s film ‘Casualties of war’, 7 times repeated with different music, creating different emotional interpretations of the scene. With music fragments from: Bernard Hermans’s (psycho), The first revolution gospel singers of New Orleans, Deep Purpel Purple, Nicholas Pike (The shining), Yu Tone, Ramstein (Lost Highway), Ry Cooder (Paris Texas).



sound of movie Ilke De Vries

Presentation of ‘Sound of Movie’ Exhibition Magazijn te huur, Antwerp, B.



Videofragment of 2’36”



Exhibitions & screenings

2003: Final Exhibition (St-Lucas, Antwerpen, B)
2003: Magazijn te huur K.I.N. (Antwerpen, B)
2008: FOUND/GEVONDEN/TROUVÉ (Voorkamer, Lier, B)