Sketches of Emotion

This video is selected by The Social Distancing Festival

Liège, BELGIUM – This is the kind of interdisciplinary collaboration that we like to see! Visual artist Karen Hendrickx paired up with dance company JC Choreography to create a piece that integrates their work together. Since quarantine, they have had to be creative in seeing this project through, and I think the results are pretty exciting!

From the submission by Karen Hendrickx:

After it I went to my atelier and start playing the movies and made drawings directly to the movie, the dancers and the movement of the dancers. These drawings are really quick sketches, just made in a few seconds. In these sketches I try to catch the emotion and the movement that comes from the dancers, rather than displaying an exact image. At the end I gave everything to the video artist Ilke De Vries, who integrated the drawings into the movie. We determined the composition together. The intention was mainly to achieve a result in which the drawings enter into a game with the dancers. This was the best we could do, working apart together. 


Karen Hendrickx: Door Covid-19 is ‘DE DAG VAN DE DANS’ dit jaar een online editie geworden. Speciaal voor deze gelegenheid heb ik samen met danseressen en choreografen Justine Copette en Noëlle Lhy– en videokunstenares Ilke De Vries een online filmpje gemaakt. Deel dit filmpje a.u.b massaal, zodat er op deze unieke dag zoveel mogelijk dans in de huiskamers wordt gebracht. De tekeningen die voor dit filmpje zijn gemaakt staan ook op mijn website en het filmpje is ook te bekijken op

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Dag van de Dans Justine Copette Ilke De Vries Noëlle Lhy

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