Inside Out (2006)

Experimental video documentary

Duration: 15’13”


Inside Out is the result of a year of observation and registration in a therapeutic community ‘de evenaar’.

A split screen with top shots of the daily life inside the house, subtitled by emotions, thoughts and stories of the residents.

Buitenbeeld eng2







Korte Leem       Korte Leem 01 Eng

Projection above the front door on opaque glass. Presentation of ‘Inside Out’ in the Korte Leemstreat, B.




St-Joseph 01recht       St Joseph

Presentation of ‘Inside Out’ in the St-Josefstreat, B. Projection within the hall.




Exhibitions & Screenings


2007: Inside Out (De evenaar, Antwerpen, B)

2007: Documentair FilmPlatform Zone (MUHKA _media/Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen, B)